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The Wisdom of the Celts

Proud, spiritual, artistic, scholarly--the ancient Celts were people ahead of their time, and the Celtic world, which stretched from the British Isles to Gallatia, was one of the most highly advanced in history. The Celts were the first people in Northern Europe to use and work with iron, and their art remains glorious. Theirs was a truly democratic and progressive society in which scholarship was held in the highest regard, sexuality was free and open, and women were fierce warriors.

This absorbing, comprehensive guide brings to life one of history’s most progressive, vibrant societies and explores the Celts’ far-reaching impact on Western culture. Using a variety of authentic sources--ancient Celtic texts, folklore, legends, and literature from Ireland, Scotland, France, and Wales--The Wisdom of the Celts details the Celtic world from its expansion and decline to its modern revival, revealing a wealth of wisdom on all areas of life, including war, the Otherworld, King Arthur, nature, sexuality, freedom, spirituality, animals, the role of women, family, and beauty. A glorious and learned look at a remarkable civilization, this is a fascinating introduction to a people whose wisdom is more relevant today than ever.

" The Wisdom of the Celts provides a literate, one-stop reference for people who have a deeper interest in these complex and compelling people. "--Fordham Magazine

The Daughters of Maeve

From ancient times to the present, Irish women have made their mark in times of peace and war, in Ireland and America. With their accomplishments largely ignored by the history books, these extraordinary women have fought for equality, struggled for independence, and met the challenge of nation building. Courageous, passionate, creative, able to stand tall on the battlefield--and in the kitchen--their stories will inspire brave women everywhere, for the daughters of Maeve have achieved remarkable feats against incredible odds. Meet women such as--

Brigid . . . saint and patroness of Ireland
Grace O’Malley . . . pirate queen of Connacht
Queen Maeve . . . ancient warrior
Clara Dillon Darrow . . . suffragist
Mother Jones . . . union leader
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy . . . U.S. first lady
Sinead O’Connor . . . singer
Mary Robinson . . . president of Ireland
Maureen O’Hara . . . actress
Sandra Day O’Connor . . . Supreme Court justice
Maud Gonne . . . Irish revolutionary

This indispensable reference will move, instruct, and empower readers to reach for their dreams as they stand on the shoulders of great Irish women.

"Daughters of Maeve" is good fun, and a happy reminder for "difficult" Irish women that we are in proud company."—Fordham Magazine