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The Wisdom of the Celts

Edited by Patricia King, Gina Sigillito,
and Sile Deady

Boston Irish Reporter; 4/30/2005

This volume brings to life one of history's most progressive, vibrant societies and explores the Celt's far-reaching impact on Western culture. Using a variety of authentic sources--ancient Celtic texts, folklore, legends, and literature from Ireland, Scotland, France, and Wales--The Wisdom of the Celts details the Celtic world from its expansion and decline to its modern revival, revealing a wealth of wisdom on all areas of life, including war, the Otherworld, King Arthur, nature, sexuality, freedom, spirituality, animals, the role of women, family, and beauty.

With selections from the seminal Celtic works of history and literature including The Tain (Ireland); The Annals of Ulster (Ireland); The Mabinogion (Wales); The Dindshenchas (Ireland); The Gododdin (Wales); The Arthurian Legends of Chretien de Troyes(France); The Lais (France); The Dean of Lismore (Scotland); The Bruce (Scotland); Deirdre Laments (Ireland); The Voyage of Bran (Ireland); ancient legends such as "The Wooing of Etain," and "Fionn Maccumhail"; as well as insight from the classical writers on the Celts, this is a fascinating introduction to a people whose wisdom is more relevant today than ever.

Citadel Press; paperback; ISBN 0806525304; $12.

Article copyright Boston Neighborhood News, Inc.